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Superb quality rug in Bokhara style. Colors and shades vary, bearing witness of the rug's hand knoted nature.



180 x 125 cm 



The rug is in excellent vintage condition. Fully secured sides and ends.

Recently professionally cleaned ready for in-home use!

Vintage Bokhara RUG

Only 1 left in stock
  • This design is known as the 'Bokhara' motif or 'elephant footprint' design. It showcases extremely detailed repeating multi-column and row gul medallions in a tight and fine weave, displaying amazing splendor in the execution of the design. Although the motif is referred to as 'elephant footprint,' it actually consists of geometric floral designs that create a visually appealing pattern.

    One of the remarkable characteristics of this rug is its plush and soft pile, which resembles the texture of silk. This luxurious feel is achieved through the use of high-quality, long-stapled wool. The wool used in the rug has a high sheen and luster, contributing to a great dynamic and contrast between the light and dark sides of the design. This contrast enhances the overall visual impact of the rug, making it a truly stunning piece.